List of Top Intermittent Fasting Apps 2021

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intermittent fating apps

The practice of intermittent fasting (IF) seems to be here to stay. However, as with any new habit you want to build, keeping track of your performance is a great way to make it a lot more successful.

These days, there’s an app for almost everything, and intermittent fasting is no exception. In recent years, IF has grown in popularity due to its purported benefits, which include improved gut health, improved metabolism, and impressive weight loss. And with big-name fans like Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston on board, it’s keeping its place in the spotlight.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, when it comes to intermittent fasting and weight loss, it’s less about what you eat and more about what you eat. If you’re concerned about how to handle the timing,

Is Intermittent Fasting Beneficial to Your Health?

Intermittent fasting necessitates dedication, strict planning, and a lot of willpower to avoid temptation. To put it another way, it isn’t the simplest diet available. To make it even more complicated, once you’ve decided to do it, you’ll need to figure out what kind of fasting you’ll do: there’s alternate-day fasting, the 16:8 diet (where you fast for 16 hours and eat in an 8-hour window), the 5:2 diet (where you eat normally five days a week and eat very few calories two days a week), the OMAD diet, eat-stop-eat, the Warrior Diet, and so…

As an app development company, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 intermittent fastings (IF) applications to try in 2021. Let’s take a look at some of the most common intermittent fasting apps.

1. Zero

intermittent fating apps

Zero is one of the most widely used IF apps, with all the timers, papers, and resources you’ll need to get started., It also includes posts on topics like fasting during quarantine, the best drinks to drink while fasting, and how to sleep better.

While the free intermittent fasting plan on the basic app is free, it will encourage you to upgrade to Zero Plus ($69.99 a year), which offers customizable plans as well as premium articles and videos. Intermittent fasting is made fun of. It establishes objectives and keeps track of other factors such as sleep, weight, and so on… There is a journaling function, which is fantastic. It explains what your body should be doing during that period of fasting… I’m using the free version, and it’s still really useful. They don’t try to persuade you to buy their stuff. Genuine candor is a major plus for me.

The following are the main reasons to use the Zero fasting app:

Fasting can be done at any time. Choose from a variety of common intermittent fasting methods or make your own custom quick with the Zero fasting app.

Fasting and weight history, statistics, and notes You can keep track of your fasting and weight, as well as leave post-fast notes.

Intermittent fasting knowledge is useful. You can learn more about the intermittent fasting lifestyle by using the Zero app, which contains research, posts, videos, and podcasts.

For both Android and iPhone accounts, Zero is one of the best free intermittent fasting applications. Oh, and entrepreneur Kevin Rose uses the Zero fasting software as well.

2. Body Fast

intermittent fating apps

With 17 million downloads, this German-based IF app helps you to adjust the sort of quickly you’re on a regular basis, depending on your goals and needs for the day or week. Daily competitions and trophies are also available to keep you motivated. The number of fasting options is staggering, but you’ll need to upgrade to the premium plan for $69.99 a year to try the more complicated ones. “I like that this has a few choices for your eating schedule,” one person who uses the free plan says. “I’ve been able to change when things get hectic rather than sticking to a fixed window, and it gives me updates about where I’m at in my day.”

The following are the main reasons to use the Body Fast app:

FAQ sections provided to get all answers to your questions

Personal fasting coach

Best for beginners and experienced fasters

3. Fast habit

intermittent fating apps

This IF app, which is known for its calming blue-and-green graphics, includes comprehensive stats, schedules, and reminders, as well as the ability to connect with your Apple Watch. “I used to keep track of how many hours I had fasted in my head. It’s not just about monitoring fasting hours now that I have this app; it also helps me stay inspired and think about how well I’ve done. It motivates me to keep going on those days when I feel like giving up “according to one reviewer. The software is free to download, but you can upgrade to the pro version for $2.99.

The following are the main reasons to use the Fast habit app:

Fasting monitoring that is adaptable. You have the option of fasting for a certain number of hours. Is there a problem? At any time, you can stop, restart, or change your fast. Details about your previous fasting experiences.

Streaks feature and the free version gives you access to data from your previous 10 fasts.

Notifications and reminders This fasting app allow you to set fasting reminders for specific days and times, as well as receive updates about your current quick.

4. Life Fasting Tracker

intermittent fating apps

The following are the main reasons to use the Life Fasting Tracker app:

Flexible fasting tracker. The first thing you see when you open the app is a really straightforward fasting tracker. The flexibility with which the fasting time can be set is fantastic. Simply use the + and — buttons to set the number of hours you want to fast on that particular day.

Various tracking features. You can monitor your weight, waist circumference, glucose, and ketones in addition to fasting. It’s also likely to be one of the most sophisticated trackers!

In-app community. Circles are another aspect that makes the LIFE fasting app stand out. It’s essentially an in-app fasting community that lets you see who else is fasting, their total fasting numbers, and send them a direct message. You can either enter one of the 60k current circles or start your own with friends I've started a new group called 21 Day Hero Fasters, and you’re welcome to join!

Collection of intermittent fasting articles and videos. The ‘Learning Library’ can be found under the ‘Learn’ tab, and it contains a wealth of science-based information on intermittent fasting and other related health topics, as well as tips on how to make this journey more fruitful.

Feed feature. You still have your feed, which will fill up with posts from your circles’ fellow fasters. You can share your own updates, connect with others, and simply track each other’s progress. One of the most important elements in getting the results you want!

Your fasting statistics. You will find all of your fasting statistics in the ‘Profile’ section. It also displays the hours in the ketosis section, which is essentially when Intermittent Fasting works its magic.

5. Window

intermittent fating apps

Despite the fact that this software is free to download, you won’t be able to do anything about it unless you upgrade for $39.99 a year. It does, however, include a wide range of fasts, including “Simple Start,” “Leangains,” “The Warrior,” and OMAD, as well as a number of useful resources. “It’s the only Intermittent Fasting software that lets users move between fasting and eating window durations — both in the calendar summary as well as when looking at usage stats,” one user wrote in a review. The fact that it’s also a weight-tracking device is an added bonus. This software has been instrumental in my progress with intermittent fasting.”

The following are the main reasons to use the Window app:

Keep Track of water limit

Fasting cycle Monitoring

Now use a window with Siri

6. Fastient

intermittent fating apps

This is a decent, solid choice if you’re looking for a straightforward fasting app with no bells and whistles, including space to write down your thoughts and concerns about your progress.” It’s a quick and clean fasting app with all the features I needed without a lot of extra fluff loaded in to make it look more useful,” one user said. I particularly appreciate the opportunity to take notes because it allows me to concentrate on what motivates me personally.” It’s free, but you can pay $4.99 for a year or $11.99 for a lifetime to upgrade to the premium edition.

The following are the main reasons to use the Fastient app:

Well designed application

Sync from any device

premium features — Quick tag emojis and dark mode

Includes fasting regimes

7. Vora

intermittent fating apps

Vora is a simple tracker that will show you a graphic representation of all your recent fasts. It also invites you to share your fasting experiences on social media. “I like being able to see a graph of my previous fasts, which is encouraging,” one reviewer said. “I also like being able to set my goal for each fast I start, and I also like being able to make notes that I can look back on later.” “In less than four months, I’ve lost more than 45 pounds… and this app has been an invaluable tool in that phase!” It’s easy, but you can pay $4.99 to upgrade to Vera Pro.

The following are the main reasons to use the Vora app:

Charts to track your fats and calories

Create, edit and delete your fast

Easy to export the facts and data to CSV format

8. Keto Diet checker

intermittent fating apps

KetoDiet is the wireless companion you’ve been looking for to help you achieve your weight-loss goals. It allows you to monitor both your macros and your weight, making it simple to see how minor dietary changes impact your body. It also includes hundreds of recipes, as well as the ability to make your own personalized meals. In the App Store, KetoDiet costs $4.

The following are the main reasons to use the Keto Diet checker app:

Create your own recipe and save them

Easy to create a grocery list within the app

Track the changes in weight and calories

Export food logs to PDF files

9. Fasten

intermittent fating apps

Fasten, as the best app for intermittent fasting, has many revolutionary unique features that will undoubtedly shake the entire fasting platform around the world in the near future.

Weight monitoring and mood tracking are special features that you won’t find in any other fasting app. In addition, this Fasten fasting app gives you the option of monitoring your water intake, which is essential for your weight loss program and keeps you from being dehydrated.

The following are the main reasons to use the Fasten app:

Integrates with Google Fit

250+ low-carb recipes

Tracking features for weight, hydration, and mood

Group fasting mode expected to come soon

Easy customization

10. Dofasting

intermittent fating apps

DoFasting is one of the best intermittent fasting apps available, allowing you to build a customized fasting plan for a game-changing approach.

Do you know that this app is ranked number one in the Health and Fitness category and number three in the Top Free Apps Chart?

Welcome to the world of the best intermittent fasting app, where you can greatly increase your metabolism while losing weight, balancing your calorie intake, and losing weight.

The following are the main reasons to use the Dofasting app:

Personalized to your weight-loss goals

Easy-to-use Fasting Tracker

In-app meal plan with macros and recipes

Workouts plan with video-demos

Weight Tracking

20+ different Diet Types

Steps and calories tracking

Wrap up

As a result, the intermittent fasting application is in high demand, as it significantly benefits your health and helps you keep track of your weight. Due to your hectic schedule, you can neglect to drink water or eat a healthy diet, which can lead to obesity.

All can be kept under control with the help of the best intermittent fasting software. A workaholic can keep track of his calorie consumption while still managing his water intake.

So, if you’re looking to break into the fitness industry, let me tell you, it’s a lot bigger than you think. The fitness market is projected to rise by 21.30 percent between 2020 and 2027, according to a survey.

You may employ a professional firm to create exercise apps similar to intermittent fasting or to work primarily in the health sector. People are focusing more on their health and wellness. As a result, now is the appropriate time to take action.

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